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General Info:

Z Server SMP is a Minecraft server that strives to be the best of the best. You can build where ever you like while following the rules. We have towns to build in to have a close active community. We are an amazing server with a nice community and awesome looking map. If you have any other questions ask.
Basic common sense rules enforced. Also cursing is strictly enforced. We do not and will not support secure chat.

IPs/Domains (Java/Bedrock*)

All of theses addresses work just choose one you like and connect : ) –

or   –   –   –

Grab our official server texture pack Z Craft HD in game or at the following link here.

To get promoted to builder build a house. Builders + get container protection (Lwc), /tpa(here), and a few other extras.

*Bedrock still requires a Java license to play.

Happy 10th Birthday Z Server Minecraft!

Where it all began. Starting with a video recorded on a laptop with integrated graphics, a pentium processor, and maybe 2 gb of ram running the game, server, and screen recording.

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