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Welcome to Z Server Multiplayer!

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        This is the first post on the forum. I would like to welcome all of you to our little community. Please introduce yourself below and welcome our new members to the forum below. Keep in mind common-sense rules apply much like on the Discord and Minecraft. Failure to follow these very simple and laid back rules may result in a ban from the forum and also other services we offer.

        Rule 0: All users are expected to abide by our Terms of Service and Guidelines. They will be enforced.

        Rule 1: No sensitive souls. If you’re here, you know why you’re here. Don’t get mad if you see something that “triggers” you. If you think something is legitimately offensive, or someone is offending or insulting you, please contact an Admin.

        Rule 2: Don’t post anything NSFW, malicious, spam, scam, phishy, or overly graphic.

        Rule 3: English only. If you don’t speak English, please use for communication. You won’t be banned for posting/messaging in a foreign language, but repeated offenses will result in a server-mute.

        Rule 4: Be respectful, mind the admins, and no begging/whining!

        Rule 5: Please try to stay on topic and keep off-topic posts in the off-topic area.

        Rules are subject to change as a need arises. By using this site and it’s forums you agree and understand the rules and terms of service.

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        Liv :)

          Hi, my name is Olivia. Welcome all new members!

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